Get your life secured.

Backing up your life shouldn’t be so difficult

If you ask us, nothing out there lives up to this challenge.

(Until LifeVault, obviously.)

On one end, you have cloud storage folders. They’re great, but only if you know what to upload. Then, you have tools like password managers. Also great, but often too advanced and overwhelming for the majority of us.

LifeVault sits in the sweet spot—it’s an easy-to-use, powerful tool for backing up and securing your life that also motivates and inspires with ideas for what to upload in the first place.

Get inspired with bite-size packs

The packs walk you through every aspect of your life and what you might want to back up. And you can do a little or a lot at once. It's all up to you.

You'll be able to add everything from your insurance card, to your streaming password, to your passport (and more) all within one secure vault.

in one vault

That way you’re never hunting through files in a cabinet, or madly searching through your email just to find an important document when you need it most.

Quick add via scan, text or upload